New installer available: RebornOS-2021.02.06-x86_64.iso


(1). This version of the RebornOS installer has some minor bug fixes that do not affect the installation at all. The previous installer has the same functionalities.

(2). This version of the installer releases new wallpaper.

(3). In this release, an on-screen keyboard is added to desktops accessed through lightDM. This keyboard can be accessed from the accessibility menu, or by pressing F3.

(4). pamac will be installed by default with 0 parallel downloads, and AUR and Flatpak will be disabled. You can adjust these values to your liking.

(5). This installer offers you 35 mirros from the RebornOS repository.

NOTE ABOUT GNOME: GNOME installation is done without dash to panel, to avoid problems when changing the desktop version. By default, the following extensions will be activated: Kstatusnotifieritem/appindicator support (system tray), pamac updates indicator, removable drive menu, Screenshot window sizer, and User themes.

earlyoom is enabled by default on all desktops.

The Gufw firewall (Uncomplicated Firewall) is installed on all desktops, but disabled by default.

NOTE ABOUT THE LIVE VERSION: The cnchi and GNOME-based installer uses the dash to panel , and AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support for customization. This extension (dash to panel) was installed by default some time ago when GNOME was selected as the desktop to be installed, but it was withdrawn because with each change in the GNOME version, this extension caused failures due to its incompatibility, having to wait for its developer to update it.


Torrents are courtesy of FOSSHOST:



RebornOS has the following official download sites:

Our OSDN download page.

Our download page on Sourceforge.



Direct download links:

From OSDNISO     Torrent

From SourceforgeISO     Torrent


ISO Signatures: RebornOS-2021.02.06-x86_64.iso

MD5: 0b88f14768081fd9c5ceebb66d16f582
SHA1: 64cd20c51bcbd366b87c24386657c684a2d2ea76
SHA256: b298285ff1ed8f6baa72da51217edd6f637b005ea3b043cc04eef27339486a2b

How to use this? Open terminal and run:
md5sum RebornOS-2021.02.06-x86_64.iso
sha1sum RebornOS-2021.02.06-x86_64.iso
sha256sum RebornOS-2021.02.06-x86_64.iso


Torrent Signatures: RebornOS-2021.02.06-x86_64.iso.torrent:

MD5: 0f04a1db5b86952e68a5b0c289d04fcc
SHA1: e9144ea8e7bb53c89c1ebe2a22fe20ac3238efd7
SHA256: 28a330475227c7e69437c5b33ff62b8d872e4b7c15de7d054a9c57dd1035e927

How to use this? Open terminal and run:
md5sum RebornOS-2021.02.06-x86_64.iso.torrent
sha1sum RebornOS-2021.02.06-x86_64.iso.torrent
sha256sum RebornOS-2021.02.06-x86_64.iso.torrent




Direct download links:

From OSDNISO     Torrent

From SourceforgeISO     Torrent

NOTE: This installer is identical to the previous one in its options, with the exception that the LIVE and the resulting installation only use the LTS kernel.

ISO Signatures: RebornOS-LTS-2021.02.13-x86_64.iso

MD5: c60d74e570bdc1624d934def53b67b00
SHA1: 789fd4f5271ca273aab51f8695e6727518379010
SHA256: cccfe63f2573c6164889f0de145220bdc603bafa274862c10b90fdd2beb0b690

How to use this? Open terminal and run:
md5sum RebornOS-LTS-2021.02.13-x86_64.iso
sha1sum RebornOS-LTS-2021.02.13-x86_64.iso
sha256sum RebornOS-LTS-2021.02.13-x86_64.iso


Torrent Signatures: RebornOS-LTS-2021.02.13-x86_64.iso.torrent:

MD5: 9647a36d10586dfddd91d3ffc68ac8c6
SHA1: becf13abd2492eef6a35d6503ee76f7440730bce
SHA256: 731cce7c7f6ae9f647441d4c984f8c2db11a868ca64128c8a09f6dac8747143b

How to use this? Open terminal and run:
md5sum RebornOS-LTS-2021.02.13-x86_64.iso.torrent
sha1sum RebornOS-LTS-2021.02.13-x86_64.iso.torrent
sha256sum RebornOS-LTS-2021.02.13-x86_64.iso.torrent





INFO: RebornOS-Mac is a version of the installer that uses the linux-macbook kernel from AUR (kernel we have pre-compiled in our repository).

Click here to see information about this kernel.

This installer was made for testing purposes. In its characteristics it is similar to the official one, except for the kernel.

Direct Download Links:

From OSDNISO     Torrent

From SourceforgeISO     Torrent


ISO Signatures: RebornOS-MAC-2021.02.14-x86_64.iso

MD5: 04e62ebf964e14c47a68326398444018
SHA1: e3f91c371ec556498714d6162dd851566606c448
SHA256: 0aba1019bb233266f4f3bd0616b72eef99a0334f54b2c6105a4541597a40b816

ISO Signatures: RebornOS-MAC-2021.02.14-x86_64.iso.torrent

MD5: 86660cc6d5312a64d9245c8b02a1c960
SHA1: 8f557ddbecc4eaad0c36fde7592e0f3644ce176d
SHA256: 9017cb929cf87c97e36d2c82c4493a8ef6167c83779fd92a2e142c22030e5683


RebornOS-ARM Release Candidate 1

Direct download links:  From OSDN      From Sourceforge 
From OSDN     From Sourceforge 
From OSDN     From Sourceforge
From OSDN     From Sourceforge
From OSDN     From Sourceforge
RebornOS-ARM-x64.tar.gz:  From OSDN     From Sourceforge


File Signature:

MD5: de5f83c88185a458c940cf227b913e39
SHA1: 40a4442e5e1697e19180b8255ef0a2cdf632970d
SHA256: 5ad978845b7896891b6bc2ed4e315fa0a7033025b5797a2364ad2b920ec1e520

How to use this? Open terminal and run:


File Signature:

MD5: 2f4bc31f6a073fcdb1bb4983645a74fe
SHA1: de1cc056c0de7154c1fe75397540d2d50010bb05
SHA256: fb88cb468116fa79d6d25c139c09232f93a0d9a3ad30998c413c11d0e657c9d5

How to use this? Open terminal and run:


File Signature:

MD5: 2d29af0fdca8eef7ce5aed74236dc214
SHA1: f5f509c2d2e1d8c94f4f09ae8a0cfe397e61c7aa
SHA256: 56c0be0ee17d2501c855f2fa27a7cce1bc00bd2114aa708b45d042a3e3d95b43

How to use this? Open terminal and run:


File Signature: Reborn-ARM-rpi-2.tar.gz

MD5: 3a99f4c0c756672cabaf6f6142210ee7
SHA1: 14b701b58afe385f576d5254940ebb408b0c8099
SHA256: c0e13d2b5ce881babdfb917b62c4fe47a1cca6116cb3454bba38ea094a9ef995

How to use this? Open terminal and run:
md5sum Reborn-ARM-rpi-2.tar.gz
sha1sum Reborn-ARM-rpi-2.tar.gz
sha256sum Reborn-ARM-rpi-2.tar.gz


File Signature: RebornOS-ARM-rpi-4.tar.gz

MD5: eee8043749da83e5a82b60c0860d7653
SHA1: 8168cc142d434167caebea48237abc46b7175bf1
SHA256: bcd535bc3ff7e1164bc6d23c5c23834c050c8e7d610ba071926433e1f8c0a97f

How to use this? Open terminal and run:
md5sum RebornOS-ARM-rpi-4.tar.gz
sha1sum RebornOS-ARM-rpi-4.tar.gz
sha256sum RebornOS-ARM-rpi-4.tar.gz


File Signature: RebornOS-ARM-x64.tar.gz

MD5: 3e78ce81db6a6ac977b05a29f52292a9
SHA1: bfcdf63f1e02382dba269846d30ce3891b901312
SHA256: ebed3f1859f9447b008dd29195ac5fe306d7454dc12dd70225c33dd87e8303f0

How to use this? Open terminal and run:
md5sum RebornOS-ARM-x64.tar.gz
sha1sum RebornOS-ARM-x64.tar.gz
sha256sum RebornOS-ARM-x64.tar.gz

For more information on installation, access the RebornOS-ARM page on OSDN.


Installation Guide of RebornOS ARM:

In order to install a Reborn version of ArchLinuxARM download the script for your version of the Raspberry Pi. The script will prepare your SD Card, download, extract, and copy the appropriate files to the SD Card. This script requires only that you provide the name of your SD Card (i.e. mmcblkX, sdX)

Currently on first run you will need to initialize pacman-keys and populate keyrings using pacman-keys –init and pacman-keys –populate archlinuxarm rebornos as the root user. OR you can run the script as a root user. It is located in /usr/share/scripts/

Please be mindful that these packages are experimental at the moment. Please report any errors on our Discord.

Future Plans: Scripts to install various desktop environments (Currently only lxqt and i3).

How to use the RebornOS-ARM images:

1) Download the correct image for your SoC.
2) Format an SD card with two partitions. The first partition should be a FAT partition approximately 100MB and titled boot
3) The second partition should be the remaining space and titled root
4) Extract the .tar.gz image using tar xvf <filename>
5) Copy the boot folder in the decompressed archive to the boot partition you created in step 2.
6) Copy the remaining items in the decompressed archive into the root partition.
7) Safely remove your SD Card and insert it into your SoC.
8) Boot your SoC and enjoy!




(1). REMEMBER: Secure boot must be disabled.

(2). RebornOS comes with EarlyOOM enabled by default on all desktops.

(3). The following instructions are recommended to properly configure pamac and avoid errors.

pamac performs the updates (and the installations of the different packages) within RebornOS. There may be some problem when using it with its default configuration, as it is preconfigured to work with four parallel downloads. To solve the possible inconveniences, these parallel downloads will be adjusted so that they are only one. Also, pamac can work with AUR. If you only use the Arch Linux and RebornOS repositories (and do not use anything from AUR), you can disable this option.

In the video you can observe the procedure. Keep in mind that when you select Preferences, you will be asked to enter your user’s password (something that is not requested here, since the demonstration was recorded from the RebornOS installer, where the password is disabled):

(4). pamac currently has support for flatpak on RebornOS.

Installation environments offered:

(1). Base install


Deskstops offered:

(1). Budgie
(2). Cinnamon
(3). Deepin
(4). GNOME
(5). i3
(6). KDE
(7). LXQt
(8). MATE
(9). Openbox
(10). Pantheon
(11). XFCE


Installation options offered:

(1). Adds accessibility packages
(2). Applications to Perform System Mainetnance
(3). Arch User Repository (AUR) Support
(4). Bluetooth Support
(5). Broadcom Driver Support
(6). Chromium Web Browser
(7). Common Photo editing Programs for Linux
(8). Common Video Editing Programs for Linux
(9). Desktop Email Client (Thunderbird)
(10). Dropbox
(11). Firefox Developer Edition
(12). Firefox Web Browser
(13). FreeOffice
(14). Google Chrome
(15). Hardware Analysis
(16). Kernel (LTS version)
(17). LibreOffice
(18). Nautilus File Manager
(19). Nemo File Manager
(20). Opera Web Browser
(21). Popular Games for Linux
(22). Power Saving
(23). Printing Support
(24). QOwnNotes
(25). Redshift
(26). Run Windows Programs on Linux
(27). Spell Check
(28). Spotify
(29). Steam + PlayonLinux
(30). Support for Firewire Devices
(31). Vivaldi Web Browser
(32). VLC
(33). Wallpapers Cycler
(34). Windows Sharing SMB
(35). WPS Office

NOTE: LibreOffice, Firefox, Firefox for Developers, and Thunderbird will also install the language packs, which will correspond to the language chosen during the installation process.



(1). The Gnome installation has a customization.
(2). The Cinnamon installation comes with the default Mint-Y theme.
(3). UFW is installed by default, even though it is turned off. To run it look for GUFW (the shortcut to GUFW has been fixed in this installer).
(4). EarlyOOM is activated by default.



(1). Apricity
(2). Enlightenment
(3). Windows (Cinnamon looking Windows)

NOTE 1: These desktops have problems, and because they are difficult to keep up to date, they are removed from the installer.

NOTE 2: Keegan will try to recover the Apricity installation.


Do you use VirtualBox and want to expand the video memory from 128 to 256MB?


Do you use VirtualBox and want to expand the video memory from 128 to 256MB? See the procedure in the following video (the video is in Spanish, but it is well understood):