ISO Download

RebornOSLT-2021.10.20 LTS kernel (Use this version if you have issues with the normal version)

RebornOS ARM 2.0 (Only for ARM devices)

RebornOS ARM 2.0 Image File (Only for ARM RPI 4 devices)

Links to download pages on OSDN and Sourceforge


18 October 2021


  • Cutefish and Regilith deskstops added.
  • Now the installer will always use the latest version of cnchi available.


  • RemovedPantheon desktop removed (the corresponding cosmic file is deleted).


  • Fixedos-release is updated so that snap works correctly.

6 June 2021


  • FixedLXQt, Openbox, and i3 installations were reviewed.

28 May 2021


  • AddedBluetooth enabled by default in the installer

2 May 2021


  • AddedMEGASync installation option
  • AddedAutomatic update mirrors (Upload an updated file from the repository)
  • AddedAutomatic update online status (Upload an updated file from the repository)

22 April 2021


  • FixedCnchi online status check url fixed (current and LTS versions)

15 March 2021


  • AddedSupport for Realtek RTL8821CE

3 March 2021


  • Fixedan error checking the status of the installer, which did not allow you to know the status of the internet connection.
  • Fixedthe error that did not allow to install lightDm when the installation of “Base” was selected.

28th February 2021


  • Removedmicro editor removed from RebornOS repository. It's now in the Arch repository

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Note about live version

  • The cnchi and GNOME-based installer uses the dash to panel , and AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support for customization. This extension (dash to panel) was installed by default some time ago when GNOME was selected as the desktop to be installed, but it was withdrawn because with each change in the GNOME version, this extension caused failures due to its incompatibility, having to wait for its developer to update it.

Desktops offered

At present we offer:

  1. Budgie
  2. Cinnamon
  3. Deepin
  4. GNOME
  5. i3
  6. KDE
  7. LXDE
  8. LXQt
  9. MATE
  10. Openbox
  11. Pantheon
  12. UKUI
  13. XFCE

Installation options offered

  • Currently we offer these optional features during installation 
  • (1). Adds accessibility packages
    (2). Applications to Perform System Mainetnance
    (3). Arch User Repository (AUR) Support
    (4). Bluetooth Support
    (5). Broadcom Driver Support
    (6). Chromium Web Browser
    (7). Common Photo editing Programs for Linux
    (8). Common Video Editing Programs for Linux
    (9). Desktop Email Client (Thunderbird)
    (10). Dropbox
    (11). Firefox Developer Edition
    (12). Firefox Web Browser
    (13). FreeOffice
    (14). Google Chrome
    (15). Hardware Analysis
    (16). Kernel (LTS version)
    (17). LibreOffice
    (18). Nautilus File Manager
    (19). Nemo File Manager
    (20). Opera Web Browser
    (21). Popular Games for Linux
    (22). Power Saving
    (23). Printing Support
    (24). QOwnNotes
    (25). Redshift
    (26). Run Windows Programs on Linux
    (27). Spell Check
    (28). Spotify
    (29). Steam + PlayonLinux
    (30). Support for Firewire Devices
    (31). Vivaldi Web Browser
    (32). VLC
    (33). Wallpapers Cycler
    (34). Windows Sharing SMB
    (35). WPS Office
  • NOTE: LibreOffice, Firefox, Firefox for Developers, and Thunderbird will also install the language packs, which will correspond to the language chosen during the installation process.

How to install RebornOS ARM

  • How to use the RebornOS ARM Installer
  • 1) Download the installer script using `wget`.
  • 2) Make the script executable using `sudo chmod +x <scriptname>` replacing <scriptname> with the name of the downloaded script.
  • 3) Insert a USB drive or SD Card – all data on the device will be lost.
  • 4) Run the script as sudo using `sudo ./<scriptname>`
  • 5) Follow the prompts.
  • 6) Once completed unmount your SD Card or USB Drive and place it in your Raspberry Pi.
  • Currently only Rpi 4 is supported, however additional versions of the Raspberry Pi will be added in the future.

Virtualbox Memory expansion

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