New installer available: RebornOS-2020.07.30-x86_64.iso


NOTE: The installer uses the new cosmic file format implemented by RebornOS. It is important to note that the rest of the installers will no longer be operational once the old cosmic files are removed from our repositories (NOTE: The old comsic files have been removed from our repository on July 1st, 2020), so it is recommended to download this one.

The cosmic files of RebornOS are the tool that allows the installer to know what to use and, in addition, once in the final systems, allows the user to count on the improvements that RebornOS adds from now on, since they are in charge of maintaining the system updated with the last added modifications.

If you have RebornOS already installed and you want to use these new files, you can read how to proceed in the following document in our Wiki.

If you wish to continue without the changes, your system will continue to work, but you will not get the improvements and changes that RebornOS implements.



RebornOS has the following official download sites:

Our OSDN download page.
Our download page on Sourceforge.

From our servers.

Main server

Mirror in Europe

Direct download links:

From our server 1: ISO Torrent

From our server 2: ISO Torrent

From OSDN: ISO Torrent

From Sourceforge: ISO Torrent


ISO Signatures:
MD5: f2445a5ee29bffca4cc9d2a64d151042
SHA1: dd398ca921c9ebbb7ed6beef658e74e52728143f
SHA256: f2cae0884725f69cd67d0820255e27bc9767dae425e143b7826e5b6b4817fdf4

How to use this? Open terminal and run:

md5sum RebornOS-2020.07.30-x86_64.iso
sha1sum RebornOS-2020.07.30-x86_64.iso
sha256sum RebornOS-2020.07.30-x86_64.iso


Torrent Signatures:
MD5: 923a889d5ee96689f59548ab606d73de
SHA1: 359f98c57016751a7420a73e6fa27a2319a69306
SHA256: 251ed4ea6d38e08537a50cde3545fe53840b28473e29caf294f7c131f09a574b

How to use this? Open terminal and run:

md5sum RebornOS-2020.07.30-x86_64.iso.torrent
sha1sum RebornOS-2020.07.30-x86_64.iso.torrent
sha256sum RebornOS-2020.07.30-x86_64.iso.torrent


We also have a trial version of this same installer with a kernel for Macbook, which can be downloaded at the moment only from OSDN:

NOTE: This version has been updated.

RebornOS-Mac-2020.07.30-x86_64.iso (there is no torrent for this version):



ISO Signature:

MD5: c3417b27ae661fac710920583920f36c
SHA1: b7bca7bb4ea20c047efde69f8bb461081d318e55
SHA256: 282af248d9f4e797bb1909f63a25fa82d02ab8ea686f86c0319689b82dcb0cce

How to use this? Open terminal and run:

md5sum RebornOS-Mac-2020.07.30-x86_64.iso
sha1sum RebornOS-Mac-2020.07.30-x86_64.iso
sha256sum RebornOS-Mac-2020.07.30-x86_64.iso

NOTE: Why is the kernel of the Macbook version not updated?
There is a bug in 5.7.x (5.7.4) i915 driver that causes freeze on boot with some intel integrated gpus (a1398 is affected).
Not updating this package until the upstream issue is resolved.


Raspborn Resurrected Beta 1.0 Download links

ArchLinuxARM-Reborn-rpi3-latest: OSDN Download
ArchLinuxARM-Reborn-rpi4-latest: OSDN Download


File Signature:

MD5: 0f938491067c6bc76253efa1d633fe6e
SHA1: 0d9c529d73004db0e63d80bc5c20675deb4309be
SHA256: 2c03d8592927b6a4053a1eda7e07c76664c52f462e77059a7692793f574b6261

How to use this? Open terminal and run:

md5sum ArchLinuxARM-Reborn-rpi3-latest
sha1sum ArchLinuxARM-Reborn-rpi3-latest
sha256sum ArchLinuxARM-Reborn-rpi3-latest


File Signature:

MD5: 908b08df484a3f8b2a0924e339b019e7
SHA1: c22a60f0fd43c7dd62a31381758f41d4feeadf47
SHA256: 3511305eb1c8c36a186c5c4df20290ae9cf8c267c8975cf7585f204bccaeb5dd

How to use this? Open terminal and run:

md5sum ArchLinuxARM-Reborn-rpi4-latest
sha1sum ArchLinuxARM-Reborn-rpi4-latest
sha256sum ArchLinuxARM-Reborn-rpi4-latest


For more information on installation, access the Raspborn Resurrected page on OSDN.






(1). RebornOS comes with EarlyOOM enabled by default on all desktops.

(2). The following instructions are recommended to properly configure pamac and avoid errors.

pamac performs the updates (and the installations of the different packages) within RebornOS. There may be some problem when using it with its default configuration, as it is preconfigured to work with four parallel downloads. To solve the possible inconveniences, these parallel downloads will be adjusted so that they are only one. Also, pamac can work with AUR. If you only use the Arch Linux and RebornOS repositories (and do not use anything from AUR), you can disable this option.

In the video you can observe the procedure. Keep in mind that when you select Preferences, you will be asked to enter your user’s password (something that is not requested here, since the demonstration was recorded from the RebornOS installer, where the password is disabled):


(3). pamac currently has support for flatpak on RebornOS.


Installation environments offered:
(1). Base install

Deskstops offered:
(1). Budgie
(2). Cinnamon
(3). Deepin
(4). GNOME
(5). i3
(6). KDE
(7). LXQt
(8). MATE
(9). Openbox
(10). Pantheon
(11). XFCE


Installation options offered:
(1). Adds accessibility packages
(2). Applications to Perform System Mainetnance
(3). Arch User Repository (AUR) Support
(4). Bluetooth Support
(5). Broadcom Driver Support
(6). Chromium Web Browser
(7). Common Photo editing Programs for Linux
(8). Common Video Editing Programs for Linux
(9). Desktop Email Client (Thunderbird)
(10). Dropbox
(11). Firefox Developer Edition
(12). Firefox Web Browser
(13). FreeOffice
(14). Google Chrome
(15). Hardware Analysis
(16). Kernel (LTS version)
(17). LibreOffice
(18). Nautilus File Manager
(19). Nemo File Manager
(20). Opera Web Browser
(21). Popular Games for Linux
(22). Power Saving
(23). Printing Support
(24). QOwnNotes
(25). Redshift
(26). Run Windows Programs on Linux
(27). Spell Check
(28). Spotify
(29). Steam + PlayonLinux
(30). Support for Firewire Devices
(31). Vivaldi Web Browser
(32). VLC
(33). Wallpapers Cycler
(34). Windows Sharing SMB
(35). WPS Office


NOTE: LibreOffice, Firefox, Firefox for Developers, and Thunderbird will also install the language packs, which will correspond to the language chosen during the installation process.

(1). The Gnome installation has a customization.
(2). The Cinnamon installation comes with the default Mint-Y theme.
(3). UFW is installed by default, even though it is turned off. To run it look for GUFW (the shortcut to GUFW has been fixed in this installer).
(4). EarlyOOM is activated by default.

(1). Apricity
(2). Enlightenment
(3). Windows (Cinnamon looking Windows)

NOTE 1: These desktops have problems, and because they are difficult to keep up to date, they are removed from the installer.

NOTE 2: Keegan will try to recover the Apricity installation.