Made for You – Made with You


Nearly Unlimited Choices!

Unlock your own ultimate vision for your PC

Over 15 Desktops

One ISO with unlimited Desktop Environments to choose from! Whether you are a fan of KDE, GNOME, Deepin, Apricity, Budgie, OpenBox, i3, Xfce, Enlightenment, Openbox or LXQT – RebornOS is for you. For those who love the terminal, there is even the option of a Base install, allowing you to bypass the Desktop Environment entirely. RebornOS gets out of the way and lets you decide, not the other way around.

Over 30 Optional Features

One ISO with almost unlimited features to choose from! Whether you are a fan of LibreOffice or WPS Office, Steam or Wine, Laptops or Desktops, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Vivaldi, or Brave – we have it all, customized for peak performance.

Unique RebornOS Advantages

High performances

RebornOS offers the option to install TLP and Thermald during the installation process, effectively enhancing your battery life and cooling your fans.

Flatpak Support

RebornOS offers the option to have built in Flatpak support, making hundreds of additional applications available for you,
with the click of a button.

Anbox Support

RebornOS offers the option to install Anbox, a technology similar to Wine but geared towards Android applications. Not all work with it, but many do!

RebornOS comes with the capability for you to rollback all your packages to a previous date, made easy through the tool Reborn Updates and Maintenance.

Easy, Graphical Solutions to System Maintenance

Ever installed a distro, only to find out you had to get rid of lots of pre-installed programs and bloat? Well no longer! Here at RebornOS, we trust you to know exactly what you want – and don’t want – on your own system. After all, it is your system. This aspect in particular continues to be a main focus of ours as we continue to develop our future installer, Fenix.

Speaking of Fenix, here is a short video which features it, made by one of our developers, Trivoxel. It was created at a time our community decided our logo needed some love, changing it from green (for life, as part of our “reborn” theme) to blue, which not only looks better, but can also represent water – another symbol for life and rebirth. As you can see from this video, while it does not give away much about the project, it gives you an idea of our values and focus in its creation – everyday users like you – something which often proves even more important as a project matures. Plus, if you join our Discord community, you will be privy to lots of discussion about it – from us developers rambling on about our latest issues and progress, as well as ideas from the community.