IMPORTANT: We recommend that all users download the RebornOS-2020.06.04-x86_64.iso installer (or newer if it existed at the time of download), since previous versions will stop working due to changes that have been made in the RebornOS system files (the “cosmic” files). Currently both (new and old files) coexist, but soon the old cosmic files will be removed from our repository.

We remind you that it is through the cosmic files that RebornOS introduces new features.

If you have an already installed system, and have used a previous installer, you can make the changes indicated on the RebornOS Wiki:


Even if you do not make these changes, your system will continue to function properly (previous installers do not). But if RebornOS decides to introduce a new feature, it will not be automatically installed on your system.

Starting with the RebornOS-2020.05.25-x86_64.iso installer, this important change occurs.

The old cosmic files will be removed on the first day of July. After this removal the old installers will stop working.

NOTE: Old cosmic files no longer receive updates.

Thank you for your attention, and sorry for the inconvenience. We are working to always offer you the best possible.

The RebornOS Development Group

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