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Note: not written on a Tuesday.


SidedVirusYesterday at 10:23 AM
Good morning!
keeganmilstenYesterday at 10:23 AM
You’re up!
Did you just wake up?
And how’s your day so far?
SidedVirusYesterday at 10:25 AM
I woke up about 10 minutes ago.
keeganmilstenYesterday at 10:26 AM
That is pretty recent!
And here I thought I slept in! All the way to 7:30 AM.
SidedVirusYesterday at 10:26 AM
Sorry, just responding to questions about Reborn OS in my Reddit post!!!
keeganmilstenYesterday at 10:26 AM
I’m coming over to join the fun!
SidedVirusYesterday at 10:26 AM
It has 311 upvotes and 5K views!!!!
keeganmilstenYesterday at 10:27 AM
SidedVirusYesterday at 10:27 AM
I’ll send the link!!!
Actually, 90+ comments!!!

keeganmilstenYesterday at 10:27 AM
90+ comments?
Oh my!!!!
keeganmilstenYesterday at 10:28 AM
Going over there now!
SidedVirusYesterday at 10:28 AM
They only had about 200 users on that night lol! I think I may be on trending!!!
Okay, so, now it’s more like 100 comments!!!
keeganmilstenYesterday at 10:29 AM
SidedVirusYesterday at 10:29 AM
The Reddit Link
Some people asked about Reborn OS, and said that they’d try it over Antergos and Manjaro and Arch!!!

How does Reborn OS compare to Vanilla Arch, Antergos and Manjaro?

Well, it uses the same installer as Antergos, and the same base as Manjaro. After that its very unique. It offers about 15 official desktops to choose from and over 20 options for additional programs. It has a great team of developers which I’m glad to be a part of! The developers always make sure to run every big decision by the community. As far as being like base Arch, if you disable all the extras in the installer menu, you’ll end up with a very minimal install that should work perfectly. I’ve actually been using my same KDE install for months and it hasn’t had a problem. In that same amount of time using both Antergos and Manjaro I’ve had countless issues and several reinstalls.

I guess this will be the next distro I try.

smiley smileysmiley
keeganmilstenYesterday at 10:32 AM
SidedVirusYesterday at 10:32 AM

What’s that top bar?
The colors look gay.

keeganmilstenYesterday at 10:33 AM
You know, with so many people enjoying this, I really think it would be a good idea to add this blur feature perhaps in our installer!
As in an option for KDE installs.
SidedVirusYesterday at 10:34 AM

If I had any remaining doubt about switching from GNOME to KDE, you just destroyed it.

Although some people didn’t really like how you were using WordPress.
They think we should get an official site or something sadly.

WordPress? Lmfaooooooooooo Meh, I can understand a small dev team wanting to take shortcuts on their website to focus on the important stuff. WordPress isn’t a shortcut though (unless it’s hosted WordPress). It’s a huge fucking commitment. You have to constantly keep it up to date (so that it’s secure) and make sure the mysql database is working, implement caching on top of everything because why would you want to open a billion database connections on every single GET request?……. Taking shortcuts would be using a simple HTML page or a static site generator.

I think they don’t understand really. :cry:
But that’s just Reddit for you! :smiley:
keeganmilstenYesterday at 10:43 AM
Oh well!
We get that a TON in our Youtube videos. For some reason, no one points out that others use free website hosters as well. Feren OS uses Wix or something, and no one cares.

SidedVirusYesterday at 10:43 AM

I also posted to r/unixporn but it dodn’t really blow up as much.

keeganmilstenYesterday at 10:43 AM
Oh well! It really did in Reddit!
SidedVirusYesterday at 10:44 AM
Still some interesting comments though!
keeganmilstenYesterday at 10:44 AM
SidedVirusYesterday at 10:44 AM
Well, Unix Porn is still Reddit.
But sadly only 19 upvotes.:sob:
keeganmilstenYesterday at 10:45 AM
So…do you think the Reddit people would like it if I came online and helped answer their questions? Do you think they’d like it if the (as they consider it) founder answered them all personally?
I can certainly do that!
And I can announce some BIG news there too for them! That we’ll be working on making this setup easy in Cnchi :wink:
But sadly only 19 upvotes.
SidedVirusYesterday at 10:46 AM
keeganmilstenYesterday at 10:46 AM


SidedVirusYesterday at 10:46 AM
Sounds good!
keeganmilstenYesterday at 10:46 AM
I’ll do that then!
Just have to create a Reddit account first!
SidedVirusYesterday at 10:46 AM
This is an exciting day for Reborn OS! We’ve now got two potential new users!!!

SidedVirusYesterday at 11:11 AM
Oh my gosh!!!
We’re number two on trending!!!

keeganmilstenYesterday at 11:11 AM
Wait… really????????????????????//
SidedVirusYesterday at 11:12 AM
keeganmilstenYesterday at 11:12 AM
In LinuxMasterRace, or all of Reddit?
SidedVirusYesterday at 11:12 AM
in r/linuxmasterrace, but still!!!
They’ve got 348 users total so…
How’s the Reddit account coming along?
keeganmilstenYesterday at 11:16 AM
Good! Have you checked out the comments we have?
I’ve written 3 so far:grinning:
SidedVirusYesterday at 11:16 AM
Checking now
People seem to really like Reborn OS!
I guess it helps to have a completely eye candy screenshot too! :smile:

keeganmilstenYesterday at 11:25 AM
There! Finished commenting for now
SidedVirusYesterday at 11:25 AM
But I guess some people still consider Gnome 1 and Windows 1.0 to look nice and they’d call this garbage!:smile:

keeganmilstenYesterday at 11:25 AM
Then again, there’s still people who think to world is flat!
SidedVirusYesterday at 11:25 AM
Ooh! Reading your new comments!
keeganmilstenYesterday at 11:32 AM
Thanks! Still writing more!
SidedVirusYesterday at 11:34 AM
Just noticed! :thumbsup:
Wow! We’re really killing it! I think we should do this more often!
keeganmilstenYesterday at 11:40 AM
I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Did you see my pic?
SidedVirusYesterday at 11:40 AM
keeganmilstenYesterday at 11:40 AM
The one of my “version”?
SidedVirusYesterday at 11:40 AM
keeganmilstenYesterday at 11:41 AM
Wow! Just 30 minutes ago when I upvoted it, we had 240 something!
Well, it looks like a link
Here’s the post:
SidedVirusYesterday at 11:41 AM
Found it!
keeganmilstenYesterday at 11:41 AM

Oooh.. beautiful! Something like this just begs me to show off my almost-identical setup as well! (CadenMitchell and I worked on this together, but our results were slightly different). Here’s my version of this!

That blur effect just makes it all look pink though:smile:
In reality, it’s a sunset.
But I just couldn’t resist filling up the whole screen:smile:
SidedVirusYesterday at 11:42 AM
Yeah, but still nice! That is why I don’t put the blur at 100%. You can’t figure out what’s behind it!
keeganmilstenYesterday at 11:42 AM
Normally, it looks more like this: (taking pic now)
My desktop
So… still pinkish. But in my opinion, beautiful.
SidedVirusYesterday at 11:46 AM
Yeah! Looks nice!
keeganmilstenYesterday at 11:46 AM
SidedVirusYesterday at 11:47 AM
keeganmilstenYesterday at 11:47 AM
I really like the vibrant colors a sunset/sunrise produces. The whole pink theme seems to be a result of that though:smile:
SidedVirusYesterday at 11:47 AM
And I’m posting:

Hey everyone! If you want to know what that “KodeByter” program is, it’s just a little Python script I made in Visual Studio Code that is used to encode and decode messages. So basically a digital Caesar Cipher! You can get it from:

There are also installation instructions on the wiki pages. Just in case you wanted to know!

keeganmilstenYesterday at 11:47 AM
Sounds great!:grinning:

SidedVirusYesterday at 11:47 AM
keeganmilstenYesterday at 11:47 AM
Hopefully it helps bring it to more people!
SidedVirusYesterday at 11:49 AM
And possible we can get some issues to track if there’s any major problems! :smiley:
keeganmilstenYesterday at 11:49 AM
Good point!
OK, I am SO glad you made that thread now!
SidedVirusYesterday at 11:50 AM
Darn! Now we’re only 3rd place! :sob:
keeganmilstenYesterday at 11:50 AM
But I think I’m going to cry. Now we’re in 3rd place!
It seems we both saw the 3rd place thing at the same time:smile:
SidedVirusYesterday at 11:53 AM
Also, I was only at about 25 Karma before posting this, now I’m at 439!
Scratch that! 442!!!
keeganmilstenYesterday at 11:56 AM
I think I’m all the way up to 5 now:smile:
SidedVirusYesterday at 11:56 AM

:clap: :clap:

You could probably post something too! Just make sure that you don’t hate M$ too much becase your post can be taken down!:fearful:
And try to have everything lined up nicely in your screenshot!
keeganmilstenYesterday at 11:59 AM
I might do that then!
But perhaps I should wait a day or so until your thread quiets down? I wouldn’t want to take away from it!
SidedVirusYesterday at 12:00 PM
Also, you should put some software in there that you/we have made together!
keeganmilstenYesterday at 12:00 PM
Will do! I had Reborn-Updates in one of the screenshots, but I can also put in KodeByter too perhaps:smiley:

SidedVirusYesterday at 12:00 PM
And try to have at least two transparent programs running! People really like that!:wink:
keeganmilstenYesterday at 12:00 PM
Will do!
THat part’s easy:smiley:
SidedVirusYesterday at 12:01 PM
So I guess 3-4 people have decided to try Reborn OS now then!:smiley:
keeganmilstenYesterday at 12:01 PM
That’s pretty good
It might help get the news out there:smiley:
This has been such an exciting morning so far!
Or, as of 1 minute ago, afternoon:smile:
Well, 1 minute ago for here :wink: Bye for now! It’s time for me to get cranking on bringing that cool Plasma layout to Cnchi I think! (as an additional option of course – not replacing what we already have).

Be back in a bit!



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Join us as we experience a ton of breakthroughs in development (all simultaneously for some reason), chaos erupts, cheesecake is in need of protecting, and Reborn comes to the RPi.

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