Reborn’s New Installer

That’s right! We are already working on our new installer, the Fenix installer! And have I got great news about that!

TL:DR : We would love your feedback and ideas about Fenix, including what features to add and options to insert. The more the merrier!

So now that we are working on an installer that will be truly our own, we will finally have the full capability to mold it any way we and you as the community, would like it to be! If you want it to have 20 million options, go for it! (I make no guarantees on reaching 20 million though, but you can always suggest it of course!). If you want it more streamlined, we could do it! If you want a pretty picture of your favorite cat in the slideshow… well…. sorry, but that one is most likely not going to happen. For each suggestion we get from you all that has a fair number of similar requests (to ensure this is an idea shared by more than one lone person), we will hold a vote on our public Discord server found in the “Need Help?” dropdown menu above. Of course that means you could always get a group of people to all ask for a picture of your favorite cat just so you can see people voting on it, but I like to think that in general, the ideas presented through this to our community will be ones that can serve to make Reborn even better (no offense to your cat though…).

So the more ideas the merrier!

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