Reborn’s Future in the Upcoming Months

Hi there everyone! Today I have some exciting news to share, as well as some that I am reluctant to. So let’s get the sad stuff over with!

Some of you may have noticed that Palanthis has been missing from the forums for the past few days. Since being left out on the action seems to be out of his character, you may have been left wondering what happened. Well, as it turns out, he is suddenly, unexpectedly, moving across the country! While he has been living on the east coast of the US, he will now be moving back towards the west coast – where he grew up. As anyone can imagine, this is extremely exciting news for him! Due to this, he is frantically doing all he can to get back over the land, people, and things he knows – meaning that while he will be gone for a little bit on the forums, we can expect him to be back fairly shortly!

In addition to Palanthis’ shocking move, I have one of mine own. Near the end of June, I will be moving as well! Talk about coincidence… both of us moving in the same year! And like Palanthis, I will be moving across the country from the east coast of the US to the far west coast as well. Due to this, both of our lives are speeding up exponentially.


Now I know what you may be thinking. In the wake of Void Linux’s project leader going missing, some of you may be concerned the same thing is happening to Reborn. But please! Stop right there! That is NOT happening to Reborn, nor will it EVER. All that is happening is that Palanthis and I are going on a sort of hectic vacation for a short time. We hope to be back in the thick of things by the end of June or beginning of July, although life could happen and prevent us from delving back in that soon. As such, the actual behind-the-scenes development will be mainly inactive during this time. However, that is not to say that developing will cease! Both Palanthis and I plan to continue to maintain all our packages, fix any bugs that may arise, and help out on the forum. To all outwards appearances, nothing will change except for a longer time between this latest release and the next one. We will still be around, we will still be addressing bugs, we will still be keeping Reborn alive and healthy. In fact, with this extra emphasis on cracking down on bugs, Reborn may actually make leaps and bounds in becoming much more stable! So please rest assured that we are NOT abandoning Reborn or even disappearing like Void Linux’s project leader has. We are only addressing the concerns of life before refocusing on you guys.

And now for the good news! Recently, a user came to me and asked about bringing the elegant layout of the lately discontinued Apricity OS to Reborn. With the current release of Reborn introducing a Pantheon look-alike (running a highly customized session of Cinnamon DE underneath, so as to avoid any issues that true Pantheon would bring to Arch – as it is extremely unstable for Arch in its true form), it only seems logical to try to revive the beloved Apricity layout on GNOME. As such, one of the goals of our next release will be to offer an Apricity option in our installer! Something that will look a bit like this, post-install:


Talk about elegant! While this option may not be for most users, that is in fact the hidden benefit of Reborn OS: Options abound for everyone! Don’t like this desktop? That’s fine, install a different one! Don’t like this browser? That’s fine, install a different one by default! Need power management tools? Can do! Are you someone who enjoys a feature packed desktop with all the applications you could possibly want right after install, or are you someone who likes to have minimal bloat, adding their own applications by hand themselves? We’ve got both! As such, we hope to be able to bring the beauty that was Apricity to Reborn in the upcoming months, just for those of you who enjoy that look. And for those who do not, that’s great too! We already have more desktops available than any other distros around…

So with this, the shocking news – both good and bad – is over and done. We hope you enjoy Reborn as it is, and look forward to its future!

-The Reborn Devs

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