RebornOS is recruiting and having an art/video contest!

Dear community RebornOS is recruiting and having an art/video contest!

We’re looking for art creators and video editors do you want to work on your portfolio, show of your art or video editing skills to the world? Then we’re looking for you.

Are you good at photoshopping, video editing or even drawing or 3D art check out the list below of things we need or contact me directly through Discord, the forums or mail [email protected]

This is an open recruitment anyone can submit their work so give it a shot!

Currently RebornOS requires the following works, we have faith in art creators, video editors and their ability to make art and videos so if you have ideas you think that would fit let us know.

1 Website maintenance art

Some ideas we’re with include tux on a construction site.

2 Server maintenance art

Some ideas we’re working with include tux working on a server or throwing out bugs of a server!

3 ISO refresh art

Something simple with our logo and an USB stick or CD perhaps open to ideas!

4 announcement art

some ideas we’re working with tux holding up the RebornOS logo to a group of penguins! Be creative in the background and surroundings 😉

5 Design a RebornOS background

this is one of the few designs where I will give creators full creative control but it must contain a logo of RebornOS in some shape or form for the rest go nuts!

6 Make a video introduction of the following desktops, XFCE. Cinnamon, Budgie, MATE, LXQT. Gnome and Enlightenment.

For inspiration we link you to these official ones from KDE Plasma and Deepin

7 Make a video introduction of RebornOS specific features like FIRE, The installer and kernel switcher

We leave creative freedom up to the creator.

What are your rewards?

All works will be credited to the person that made them.

A link to your personal site / portfolio / socials where people can check out your work on our website.

A special role on our discord server and forum.

A shout out on all our social media channels.

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