RebornOS is on FIRE – Literally

In case you have begun to panic, no equipment, servers, or people have been harmed in the making of this article. And actually, RebornOS is doing just fine. Even better now that RebornOS FIRE is a thing! Remember the lovely RebornOS application called RUM (Reborn Updates and Management)? The application that allowed you to switch your DE with the click of a button, while also having such a humorous name that you probably felt weird telling other people that you used it? Kind of like that r/linuxmasterrace on Reddit. It’s a completely innocent subreddit, but it makes for a completely horrible experience when you accidentally let it slip that you visit that place to a non-tech saavy individual. Imagine hearing the words “master race” in a casual conversation. Seriously, that name should be changed. Anyways, in the spirit of being reborn, RUM is now on FIRE! Or to put it more simply, RUM has been renamed to RebornOS FIRE (Features and Improvements in RebornOS made Easy). To be honest, the main reason I decided to do this was not to make everything just that much more confusing for you. Rather, it was because if you have noticed, RUM does not really offer any updates (the U in RUM), and it certainly allows you to do more than just manage your installation of RebornOS (the M in RUM). Indeed, now it offers you, among other things, a nice and easy front-end for several features that are generally command line only or extremely complicated to set up. For instance, Anbox. Plus, doesn’t FIRE seem to fit with our name of RebornOS more anyways?

So what else changed with this new release you might ask? Because if it is only a name change, then that was a bit of a waste. Well, you are absolutely correct. The decision for a name change was the last thing to happen actually before pushing this new release out for you all. First, came all the new and exciting features! So let’s dive right in.

Anyone ever heard of Wormhole? Not the ones in Space, but rather the command-line utility for Linux? Well, if you are like me, you haven’t yet! And you have no idea what you have been missing out on. This handy little application allows you to feed it any file or folder of your choosing, and it will output a unique code for one-time use only. On any other computer in the world, you can then input that unique code and receive the content! For context, imagine Apple’s Airdrop – but with the capability to drop files to any computer in the world, with both security and privacy as a main focus. Plus, it’s completely open source and focused on Linux.

Screenshot of Wormhole in action on Ubuntu, for example.
Shamelessly linked image from the guys at OMGubuntu. Thanks for making me aware of this fantastic application through your article!
Mycroft application on RebornOS
See? We still have the good old Mycroft interface you are used to. All possible to now launch from RebornOS FIRE.

Additionally, Mycroft is now included in RebornOS FIRE. If you are a seasoned RebornOS user, you might be wondering how this is anything to get excited about since mycroft-reborn was already an available application to install on RebornOS. Well, there are actually several reasons. Firstly, since RebornOS FIRE can be run on any Arch Linux derivative (and even on Arch Linux itself), that possibility has now been extended to Mycroft. With the click of a button, you can install and set up Mycroft for use on RebornOS. You might still be thinking though that you really liked having Mycroft as a separate application for your convenience. Well, never fear! After first running Mycroft through RebornOS FIRE, a new desktop application will appear in your menu allowing you to launch the Mycroft controller separately – just like before. In all practical ways, it will continue to function as its own application, making things exceedingly convenient for you while also easy for me to continue developing. A win-win I would say.

And last but not least, a bug has been fixed! If you have been on our forums lately, you may have noticed that a few people were mentioning that their terminals of choice were not launching properly when installing a new Desktop Environment in RebornOS FIRE. Well, that has finally been fixed! Turns out the reason only a few people were experiencing this was there was a hitherto unrealized dependency that RebornOS FIRE was lacking. Most people already had it installed as several other applications also rely on it, but apparently that was not the case for everyone. So now that issue has been fixed!

A screenshot of the issue being reported on our forums.
Consider the issue reviewed and fixed!


So there you go everyone! Thank you so much for making RebornOS such a great place and such an enjoyable thing to develop. I wish you the best, and look forward to our future.

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