Reborn – The Relocation Edition

Reborn’s back from “vacation” guys! After a long, stressful move across the US – from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast – I have finally begun to settle down in my new place. And you know what that means! More time for Reborn OS! So let’s dive in to this newest release.

First and foremost, our installer – Cnchi – has experienced a complete redo under the hood. After much work and hours of time (weeks, in fact), it has finally been updated to the newest version available! And not only that, the majority of the issues Cnchi was posing for our European friends have now been resolved! With this new version of Cnchi, you can once again install in ease – with the newest and greatest options available and fresh code under the hood. So go on! Enjoy this breath of fresh air that Cnchi brings to all of us here. Finally, after close to half a year of no version updates, Cnchi is back in the game. Ready to install the trickiest system and deal with the most difficult problems. Well, most of them anyways.



Speaking of our fully updated Cnchi, more surprises await! With this new release of Cnchi, we now have a brand new feature – all thanks to the excellent team at Antergos! At the bottom of our Selection Screen during the installation process, there is now an “Advanced” option! With this, numerous new options have been opened up for us! With this, we can make your installations much more customizable.

DeepinScreenshot_select-area_20180714202146Due to this new feature, we can now for the first time ever, finally include more technical or specific/obscure options! Instead of having to ONLY offer the easy-to-understand possibilities in your installs, we can instead branch out and add more things for developers and power users. By tucking those – you guessed it – more “advanced” options under the Advanced category, we can finally cater to a more diverse crowd – from the absolute beginners to the most knowledgeable developers.

But as always, that’s not all! With this new release, a free, Open Source AI has entered the scene. One that actually respects it’s users’ privacy, unlike the infamous Alexa and countless others who listen in on our day-to-day conversations. One whose goal is mycroft-mark-2-screenprivacy and whose product is made with advanced users in mind. Mycroft. Mycroft, while only speaking English at the moment, has grand goals of one day being known as the Open Source alternative for Alexa, Google Home, Cortana, Siri, and other intrusive AIs. Plus, it can even run on anything from the smallest Raspberry Pi, to your computer at home, to a special AI station made by them – called the Mark II. And to add some icing to the top of this amazing initiative, they are of course heavily privacy-centric. However, we at Reborn realize that you may not be as thrilled about Mycroft as we are. So due to this, we have decided to include it not in your default installation, but merely as a possible option in our Selection Screen (big shout-out to the amazing forum user, RockyIV). After all, just because we like it does not mean you will have a use or even a desire to have it installed on your own computer. So we made sure that wasn’t a problem – and thus placing it as only a possible option in the install process, and not the default. With this, you can now choose to install Mycroft with ease – all ready for you to use wherever you may be.

Mycroft in Cnchi

That’s not the only new program now available though! Starting with this new release, we offer the Opendesktop App for all our Desktop Environments! This Opendesktop App is a one-spot stop for all your favorite Linux themes, allowing you to install them with the mere push of a button. Easy for newbies and quicker for the more advanced alike! With this, you can now install almost every theme out there – whether it be only a cursor theme, a desktop theme, or even an icon theme.

Opendesktop App in action


And even more excitement lies ahead! With this new release of Reborn OS, comes a special advancement. Starting now, all Reborn programs will have full support for multiple languages! Whether you speak English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Arabic, Italian, German, Portuguese, or Mandarin – we’ve got you covered!

From this moment onwards, our special Reborn apps will be made just for you, no matter what language you may speak. However, I can only do so much. Since English really is my native language, it can prove challenging for me to tackle translations for all those other languages. As such, I suspect there may be a few small errors in their translations. So if you, or anyone you know, could help out here by providing either better translations from the existing ones, or brand-new translations for completely new languages, that would be utterly fantastic! If this interests you, please feel free to message me about it on our Forum. My username there is… wait for it… Keegan. Never saw that one coming, right?

But wait! There’s still more! Some of you may have noticed a new option in our website’s main menu recently. An option called Feedback. This unique option links to an external site where you may now – easier than ever before  – tell us directly what you like about Reborn, what you dislike about it, and even what you want to see from Reborn in the future! And the best part? It’s all set up to make it easy and simple for you to do – in the space of a minute. DeepinScreenshot_select-area_20180715075653While I had hoped to include this in our installer instead of a slideshow (which is currently just a blank screen while installing), technical issues have dictated otherwise. For some strange reason, Cnchi has been quite fussy over the slideshow aspect, as the slideshow is actually just a webpage fetched from online. Even the Antergos slideshow is really just a page from their website! And due to this unique approach to fetching the slideshow, it seems to be quite particular. So while I have not been able to get it all figured out in time for this release, I do hope to have things sorted out eventually. The sooner the better.

And finally, we at Reborn finally offer something most distros already have. The possibility to donate. While most distros just allow their users to donate – with little to no influence on what their money will go towards, we have decided to do it differently. While some of this money will certainly be used to fund those who spend their precious hours working behind the scenes to bring you Reborn, much of it will instead be put towards other things. Things such as a full-blown website – one that is self-hosted and free of ads. A better, fresher forum will also hopefully soon be on the way, or perhaps we will instead upgrade our forum plan so as to get rid of those pesky ads that liter the sides. Plus, we hope to be able to purchase additional mirrors around the globe so as to eliminate your installation issues that you often receive. (You know, those annoying “Error 0” ones). But the best part? You will yourself have the opportunity to vote on what this money will go towards. You will directly be able to influence how Reborn is shaped as we venture into the future. If this interests you, please check out this link for more information!

NOTE: For some unknown reason, I am experiencing technical difficulties with the donating process at the minute. Anyways, it’s there and will be fixed shortly!


So join us for this exciting new chapter in the history of Reborn, with our brand new Relocation Edition! (More on the unique name choice later). Thank you so much for your time, your interest, and your unending commitment to this wonderful project we all call Reborn.

Reborn OS – made for you, made with you.

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