Reborn 7.25.18

Well, it’s that time again! Time to talk about another ISO release for Reborn OS. With less than a week’s worth of time between this release and the Relocation Edition, you may be asking yourself why. What happened? Well, that’s kind of a long story.

So to make this long story short, basically it was discovered that a few of Antergos’ mirrors were not working correctly. A couple were completely down, and one just seemed to be inactive.


Due to this, a few users (from both Antergos and Reborn) have reported an inability to fully install their system. Obviously, something had to be done. Thanks to an amazing Antergos user, I quickly found a fix! This user had created a script that automatically ranked the Antergos mirrors, and commented out the ones that were causing problems. So after playing with the script a little, I decided to give it a go. It told me which mirrors I should comment out for now, and which ones not to. So without further ado, I went to work. After a few days, I was able to produce and ISO with those changes and adjustments in which those mirrors were not used by our installer, Cnchi. But that’s not all.

During this time, I had also been working on a new application. Or, more specifically, I was working on porting an existing Debian application to Reborn OS. Something known as RedshiftGUI. With this, people could now configure Redshift without having to resort to any tricky terminal commands! Finally, any normal user can actually use Redshift with ease – no matter who they may be.DeepinScreenshot_select-area_20180726083005.png After a few hours of work, I was finally able to successfully convert this program completely to something usable for Reborn! But it wasn’t enough to simply stick this in our Repository, I wanted to be able to offer it to new, inexperienced users who might otherwise never hear of this. So with that thought in mind, I added it to Cnchi’s Selection Screen, where you may now choose to have it installed by default in any installation you preform. Hopefully this can help future users, and maybe even you!


And now for the last thing. Discord and Reddit! After taking a look at several other successful Linux distros out there, I discovered  that many of them had a presence on Discord and Reddit. So within a few days, the Reborn team has done the same! We now have a server on Discord as well as a subforum on Reddit! All thanks to the amazing forum user and Reborn teammate SidedVirus. So feel free to join in on the fun with us all at either location! As a sidenote though, our new Discord server has thus far experienced much more activity than our presence on Reddit. So if action is what you’re looking for, I would highly advise Discord over Reddit as of now. Just a helpful tip!


So to recap it all, we now have a brand-new application available for use, an ISO without any mirror issues, and a new presence on both Discord and Reddit! With all this, we thought it best to release a new ISO to you all – even though it’s only been a few days since the last one. And so, with the help of people around the globe such as RafaelRockyIVHenry12, and Badmem, we are proud to be able to offer you a new release of Reborn OS. Made for you, made with you.


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