Reborn 3.06.18 Released

Happy daylights savings weekend everyone! The weekend nobody likes. Well, hopefully Reborn OS can lighten your mood with our brand new release!  Here’s a few of the exciting new changes, just waiting to brighten your day.

To kick off this new release of Reborn, Palanthis and I examined the forum thread titled Proposed Ideas for Reborn for new and exciting things to add. We quickly came across a few of our favorite ideas from the community, many of which made it into our Package Selection Screen in Cnchi, our installer. Among these interesting new options were Wine, NixNote2, and Hardinfo. With the program Wine, it is now possible to run many of your favorite Windows programs natively in Reborn! Just download the .exe file and right click to “Open with Wine”. Next comes NixNote2. NixNote2 is essentially a Linux version of the popular Evernote desktop client. That’s right! Now you can use Evernote in Reborn OS, installed by default.


As for Hardinfo, this small, handy application allows you to view all your hardware specs easily in a straight-forward GUI. With Hardinfo, you can now report problems and issues with ease, rather than having to scour your system for your specs. With this, every component of your system is revealed – in a way that even the newest Linux user can understand!

Next up is the download speed. For those in Europe, slow download speeds have been the normal state of things. Up until now, we have made use of Github’s free storage space to host the Reborn Repository. However, it appears that Github is sorely lacking in mirrors within Europe, causing the download speed to lag. While this issue has been reported more than once, Reborn was out of options. The sheer size of our repository limited the number of websites that we could affordably host it on. but thanks to the generosity of another forum user, Mettke, this problem has finally been solved! When Mettke came on the scene, he promptly offered some space on his excellent server in Europe – entirely for free. Thanks to him, the Reborn Repository now has a home in Europe.

But that not all! The saga continues with the change of extra repositories. No longer does Reborn OS use BlueStar’s repository, it now makes use of Mettke’s more extensive alternative, Aur-ArchLinux. With his repository, tens of new packages are now available to install, all without having to revert to using the AUR. In addition to supplying numerous new packages, Mettke’s repository is much more stable than BlueStar’s as well as offering reliable, quick download speeds for our friends in Europe. With this release, our European users can now use Reborn to its fullest.


Finally, Palanthis and I have been hard at work on a new application for Reborn. About a month ago, we noticed that while backup applications existed for Linux, nothing existed that would allow you to create an exhaustive list of all your system packages, and then be there in the event your backup utilities failed and you were forced to reinstall everything. With this utility, one would be able to grab their list of package and just reinstall them without any unnecessary hassle. After talking it over, we both decided to get right to work on making this a reality. Now, after a few weeks of hard work, we have produced just that! Simply install the package Reborn-Recovery, and you will now be able to select the location to save you list to and then create it, as well as reinstall its contents – all with the click of a button.

Reborn Recovery

Lastly, Palanthis enters the scene. After much hard work, he has produced an excellent new bootup screen for our live environment! No longer is it an out-of-place blue screen, but rather a rich gray gradient that exemplifies his “dark overlord” reputation. And with this comes a brand new logo for Cnchi in the top left-hand corner of our installer! No longer is Reborn OS using the same boring old fonts that have become the norm, but we are now using a fun, new libre font that contains plenty of personality to call our own. Thanks to Palanthis’ ceaseless searching, we now have some added character and fun to our ISO.

Palanthis’ new boot screen for Reborn’s Live Environment

And with that, our release is ready. So thank you to everyone that has made this possible, and God bless!

-The Reborn OS Community




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