Reborn 1.28.18 Released

I know it has been a bit since our last release, but I can truly say the wait was worth it. Many new changes have taken place in this brand new ISO, just waiting to be discovered by you. So let’s get started!

To kick off this release of Reborn, we have added Flatpak support for both QT (KDE and LXQT) and GTK (all the other) desktop environments. What is flatpak though? Flatpak is basically a complete package, bundled with all of it’s dependencies already built inside, and available for any Linux system. Since it is essentially already built and just compressed into one file, you can use the same package for any Linux system you want. All you have to do is figure out how to add the flatpak repository to your system in order to gain access to all of their package choices. And that’s where we come in. With this new release, we not only do that for you automatically, but we also add the flatpak repository to Gnome-Software and Discover. in GTK environments, we integrate it into Gnome-Software. On QT environments however, it is integrated into a new KDE software center: Discover.

Recently Released Flatpak Apps Displayed in Gnome Software

With these new applications available to you, many new packages previously only available in Pamac or via command line can now be handled through a more user friendly alternative, Gnome Software or Discover. Through this, you now have access to the likes of Spotify, Skype, numerous games, and more!

In addition, over here at Reborn we have noticed for quite some time that our friends in Europe have been struggling with our SourceForge repository. It proves slow and often times unresponsive to them, causing several failed installations of Reborn OS. As this obviously cannot go on, we decided to take action. As of this release, our main repository has been moved to Github! Github’s speeds in Europe combined with their increased stability overall, make them an ideal location for us. Now you can seamlessly complete installations of Reborn OS no matter where you are – be it in Spain or China.

Finally, we are proud to announce a new theme for Reborn. I know, we already had the Halo icons. However, as kindly mentioned by Bryan on the forum, this icon set bears too many resemblances to the Mac OS icons. And companies have been sued for less. In fact, Apple Inc. has even come knocking on the door of Elementary OS for this exact same issue before in the past! Due to this mistake on our part, we have decided to come up with a new icon theme to use. After much thought and user input, we finally settled on the Flat-Remix theme. In recent years it has begun to rival Paper in the Linux world, and adding it to Reborn will only help it grow. With this new theme, you can finally enjoy the elegance you deserve.


So thank you to everyone that has made this possible, and God bless!


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