Reborn 1.14.18 Released

After much work and many changes, there is much to say about this newest release over here at Reborn. So much in fact, that we will only be able to highlight a few of the most important ones. So here we go!

So to kick this Reborn release off, we have switched the live environment from Deepin DE to Budgie! In the new ISO, you will now be greeted with Budgie rather than Deepin upon your first boot. With this decision came many benefits. The first one is that long boot time I was talking about in the last article. You know, the one that I had thought was caused by Virtualbox.service. Well, as it turns out, that was not the culprit, but rather Deepin DE itself. Thanks to the amazing forum member Byran, we have discovered that Deepin is now using an updating script in the live environment only. Hence, that “Your System Is Up To Date” message that greeted you in the live environment. For some, the updating script did not cause a terrible boot time. For others however, it caused them to stare at a black screen for nearly 30 minutes! Eventually, the updating script would time out and people could continue on their way. But obviously, something had to be done. After fiddling with Deepin for a few days, I came to the conclusion that this updating script was beyond repair. It seemed to be so embedded into Deepin itself, that I could not disable it effectively. And that was when I began looking to new horizons. When Palanthis reminded me that Deepin’s troublesome auto-mount feature was causing some installs to fail, I was finally willing to make the switch. After discussing the topic some on the forum to see what people thought about switching to Budgie, I finally got to work. After some trial and error, it is now finally ready to be used in our newest ISO.


So not only are the slow boot times and the “partitions are already mounted” installer message both resolved, but the arrow buttons are now finally visible in Cnchi (the installer) as well as a significant decrease present in the ISO’s size itself! The ISO went from 1.8 GB all the way down to 1.4 GB. And not only that, but you can finally use the installer easily, without having to strain you eyes.

So that about covers the switch to Budgie. Of course Deepin is still available to install, and is even our default desktop in the installer! However, due to some issues with Deepin in the live environment, a switch was needed. After all, the most important thing is that people be able to install Reborn in the first place. And speaking of being able to install, Palanthis reminded me of yet another thing that required fixing when I was working on the ISO. The troublesome aspect of the desktop going to sleep on you mid-install. In a VM, (particularly Virtualbox) this can prove disastrous. There is no good way to wake it from sleep, and so users get stuck with a black screen staring them in the face. After a bit of searching online, I finally found the answer. Just a few simple lines of code were needed, and now the live environment will never go to sleep on you while installing. This code is set to be run after successfully booting the ISO, and so kicks in immediately.

But that’s not all! Reborn OS now features it’s own logo! Thanks to our active community, a logo has been voted on. Reborn OS now features our very own logo in the installer.


After much work on the part of the amazing Charlie Miller, we now have a free libre logo to use. cnchiOne filled with the bright green of new life being reborn. And not only a logo, but a slogan as well! Our new slogan can be found right here on this website, being “Made for you – made with you”. For Reborn is truly community driven. Whatever direction the community wishes to see Reborn go, that is generally the direction we will be heading. We are truly for you, making Reborn together. Side by side. And as such, we have made these slogans and logos together. As a community.

And lastly, I have one more exciting announcement. Due to the heavy involvement in Reborn’s development on the part of Palanthis, I am proud to announce that Reborn now has an additional developer! Palanthis is now part of the official Reborn team. He has contributed much and helped so many users out over on the forum, to the extent that some are beginning to view him as one of the driving forces of Reborn OS. So why not make that assumption official? It was true to begin with, so why not acknowledge it? As such, Palanthis is now a fully recognized co-developer of Reborn OS. Consider his word the same as mine when it comes to Reborn from now on. We are a team. Working side by side for you, for the continued improvement and development of Reborn OS. With a new developer present, it is my hope that we will begin to see more and more breakthroughs for Reborn OS.

Thank you all


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