Reborn 1.1.18 Released

Happy New Year everybody! To kick off this exciting new year, a new release of Reborn OS awaits you. Several new improvements, changes, and surprises are in store.

So first off, the biggest, most important one of all. Thanks to the combined efforts of  Palanthis and I on the Reborn team, Reborn now uses SDDM as the default login manager for the majority of DEs.


This action was necessary due to the fact that for many, our previous login manger, Lightdm, proves rather buggy. And since Reborn OS is attempting to make Arch easy – for everyone, we finally realized that something had to change.

As you can see, we were not content to simply use the somewhat ugly, outdated default theme for SDDM. Thus, we found a more stylish one (sddm-gracilis-theme) to use. After making a few modifications to it such as changing the wallpaper background and improving the top left menu slide down action, we were ready to go. After that, I integrated it into all of the default installations of the new release. When installing any DE but Deepin, LXDE, Gnome, and Budgie, you will now be presented with our new login manager. Hopefully with a now smoother experience.

But that’s not all! In addition, I attempted to speed up the boot time for the Live environment. Various forum members have been reporting an insanely long boot time for the Live environment, and so I got to work. At first we all thought it was the old login manager, so the new one featured in the Live environment is now our new SDDM theme! However, as it turns out, that was not the culprit. As of now, it is looking like a startup process Vbox.service is. Vbox.service is a service that determines whether or not you are using a VM or not. When you are, it responds quickly, activating the necessary things, and allows the user to boot in under two minutes. However, when not using a VM (such as when one attempts to install Reborn OS onto their actual system) it is slow to recognize that those VM specific processes do not need to be activated. So is the boot time improved? Maybe by a few seconds as SDDM might prove to be slightly faster and more responsive, but overall your boot time sadly remains the same. Vbox.service cannot be removed from the ISO completely, as it would then render it useless in a VM. So as of now, I am faced with a temporary conundrum. Hopefully that will be solved in the next release!

Lastly,  those pesky little Numix icons pulled from our Antergos base are now utterly removed by default! If you would like to install them yourself, simply search for them in Pamac or Octopi, the two graphical package managers used in Reborn. Just use the phrase numix when searching, and they will all show up ready to be installed. But for the default installs,  Reborn OS is now completely independent – it’s own identity. We now have our own featured icon and window themes to use, the Halo icons and the Flatplat-Blue window theme, without weighing the install down with any unnecessary Antergos elements.

So with that, enjoy!


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