It is with a heavy heart that I must make this saddening announcement on such a happy day. For I feel I must step down from Reborn, due to a personal tragedy. Not forever, but just temporarily.

This week has been a dark one for me. A friend – a best friend – has passed away. He seemed at the pinnacle of health, ready for all life had to throw at him. He seemed full of life, ready for whatever would happen next. His future was bright and hopeful. But then one night, things took a turn for the worst. By Friday evening, he had left this world. He was no more. If only I had done something. I could have stopped it. If only I had been there for him, as he always was for me. But that night, I was not. That night, no one was there. And so he left us. His funeral was a sober event, a very public one.

But that is not the end for me.

April Fools!

While my friend was once dead, He is now alive! Jesus has conquered the grave. On this day, we celebrate Easter. On this day, we are made free. On Friday, He died for us. A holy God cannot be among unholy people. And He knew that we could never make ourselves holy by our own efforts. Do your good acts outweigh your bad ones? Do two wrongs  make a right? Can we become perfect, just by trying? If we could, would we even be here anymore? But He did what we could not. He came down to Earth and lived a perfect life. One we could not even hope to live. One we could never measure up to, much less imagine. He took our place. Rather than us having to live up to a holy standard, He did it for us. He lived the life we could not. And then he took all our sin upon himself. All our wrongs, the ones we can never hope to erase. Imagine the true depths of your heart. Would it be white and pure as snow? Or would it black with wrongs, with sin? Now imagine that blackness, being upon every one of us. Impossible to erase, much less contain. It would envelop the whole world, encompass us entirely. Now imagine, all that is wiped away. Jesus did that. With all our manpower, with all our tech, with all our strengths, – we could not accomplish what He did for us that day. On Good Friday, two thousand years ago, He not only lived the life we could not, He took on our wrongs, our sins, as well. Though He had never sinned, He became sin for us. He washed away our blackness, and poured it over Himself. He gave up His rightful life for us – so that we could live. He took our punishment, our fate, upon Himself. He died a horrible death, the one we should have had. The one we deserve.

But that is not the end! On this day, three days from His sacrifice, He is back. He conquered death. He conquered sin. He rose from the grave. Though his death was mourned, and his killers laughed, He has now vanquished them all. Although we killed Him, He overcame. He took all that blackness, the sin that we could never hope to wash away, and threw it all into the fire. He set us free, taking our rightful place. And now our hearts are truly clean. The blackness, the darkness, the decay – is no more. Instead, Jesus said, “You are mine”. He claimed us, and washed us pure as snow. Our hearts are now pure, are now white, are now holy. He has bridged the gap between an unholy people and a holy God. He is our Intercessor. He is our Savior.

Will you give your life to Him? Will you live for Him? I urge you, turn this day to Jesus, and He will set you free as well. All you have to do is accept Him. Acknowledge that He is the Savior and Lord. Allow Him to enter into your life, and it will be forever changed.


-Keegan and Palanthis: along with countless others through the ages.

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