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ARM Stable & new sponsor

Hello everyone,

We are ready to announce the first stable release of RebornOS ARM as well as new sponsor for RebornOS
First of all we added the Trinity Desktop environment. This is a lightweight desktop that looks similar to windows XP and we fixed SSH access the password is “rebornos”

We have also added the Sway Window manager this is a lightweight drop in replacement for I3 running on Wayland

We have a new sponsor that has provided us with hardware allowing us to expand RebornOS ARM onto more devices. A very big special thanks to:
Pine64 for providing us with a pinebook pro (expect support soon)
We are also working on support for the Rock 5B
– We’ve added the Trinity Desktop environment
– and the Sway Window manager
– SSH is fixed and uses the password “rebornos”
– Fixed services not disappearing after setup
– Fixed network time
– Fixed being able to wrongfully select some categories