Aesthetics and Polish – It’s All in the Details

Tired of that boring, bland default GNOME look? Wishing Budgie was customized as nicely as it was in the ISO after installation? Well, good luck folks, because now you have all that – and more!

With the most stable release of our installer pushed out to the public in our last ISO, I realized it was time to give our post-install environments a bit of a makeover. While they were all fine, they lacked the elegance that can really set them off and bring them to the spotlight. In fact, one youtuber recently placed our rendition of Budgie in the limelight. And to be honest, although he was a bit harsh in parts, I understood where he was coming from. Our post-install settings for Budgie were far from perfect. They were kind of… nonexistent in fact! For instance, here’s a comment from one of our users over on the forum a few months ago:

When you boot the live ISO in the Budgie desktop you have one theme, but when you install it, the theme is different. (It’s only cosmetics, but good themes give a good impression).

However, with this brought to my attention by our amazing community as well as the public criticism it received, I began work on polishing things up in Budgie. And then GNOME. And then Cinnamon. And then… everything. Finally, after much hard work and plenty of thought, I am proud to announce a new day for Reborn OS! A day in which elegance, design, and beauty have all been brought to the forefront of development. Allow me to present to you, Reborn OS – even better than before!


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