Reborn vs. Antergos

Last week I was searching for our forum online to see how quickly we showed up in the search results. In so doing, I discovered that at least in Google, the phrase “Reborn vs. Antergos” is the third from the top! As such, I thought an article about that might be in order.

The first and most important thing that separates us from Antergos is our support and friendliness. Over on the forum, you can find at least one dev around pretty much anytime! We try to be active in every single thread that pops up, so no matter how small your issue is, you can be assured that it will not be ignored. We at Reborn make a point of trying to help out everyone, no matter who you are and what your problem is. In addition, we try to create a fun, lax environment for everyone. If you begin to stray off-topic, that’s no problem for us! There are only two roles over on the forum: have fun, and be nice.


The second most monumental thing that Reborn offers is our unlimited options. Within our version of Cnchi, (the installer Reborn uses – derived from Antergos) we offer more desktop environments than any other operating system around! With over 10 DEs to pick from, you can be guaranteed a system that suits your needs. But not only that, we also offer over 20 optional programs and applications in our installer as well – more than two times the amount Antergos offers! If you are a gamer, you can rest assured that all your needs will be taken care of by simply enabling the “Common Games for Linux” option. And if not, don’t worry! Simply choose NOT to enable it as you install. Through numerous other options such as this, you can install your dream system. Whether that be a full-featured one, or light as a feather. For with Reborn, the true customibility of Arch is finally at your fingertips, just waiting to be used!

deepin-screen-recorder_Select area_20171125132654
Just a few of the Incredible Options Available in Reborn OS

Speaking of our immense array of options, Reborn remains cutting edge – offering all the latest technologies that go along with it. For instance, Reborn OS offers the ability to add Flatpak capabilities to your system, integrating this into your software center to allow you to install its applications graphically. This exciting feature is offered in only a few other distros around, and certainly not in Antergos.

Recently Released Flatpak Apps

And the list goes on! Reborn OS offers a special maintenance application, which allows all Reborn users to easily update their system to the latest and greatest features of each new release. But it does it the way updates should be done – with you in the drivers seat. Every new option and feature presented in the update has its own button, allowing you as the user to pick and choose which specific update features you would like to see on your system. Whether you decide to keep it exactly how it is, enable only a few features, or try them all, this application is for you. To the side of the application though, there are easy interfaces to perform the most common Linux repair and maintenance jobs on your system – right in the app itself. With this, you can quickly clean your system in under 3 seconds, reinstall Grub, and even create a list of all installed packages on your system – available to be used later to reinstall them all in the event you are forced to wipe your system completely. Our Maintenance application is truly a swiss army knife for you to use however you want!

Reborn Maintenance in Action

Finally, we come to the end. With Reborn, you can be assured of active, continued support no matter what desktop environment your use. While most Operating Systems tend to focus on only one desktop environment and put others to the wayside, we at Reborn give the little, less-popular desktops just as much attention as the most popular and mainstream ones around. So if you are a fan of Deepin or Budgie, you have found the right place to be!

Budgie on Reborn OS

With all of these advantages to Reborn, coupled with a friendly community, who wouldn’t want to give us a try? We would love to see you over on the forum some day…

  • The Reborn Devs