Reborn 12.27.17 Released

Over here at Reborn OS, changes and improvements come at a lightning quick speed. Just 6 days after our last release of Reborn, I am proud to announce that a new release has just entered the stage. And with that, I present you with Reborn 12.27.17!

So what’s special about this one, you may ask. Well first off, many users have been noticing that oftentimes when one installs Reborn OS in Virtualbox, they receive a false error at the end of the installment process.  Something that looks a bit like this:


While this message is in fact false, it has led to some alarm by new potential users. As it turns out, this error came about due to a rather complex if statement, that basically said that if the boot entries do not have the word “Antergos” in them, report it as a grub error. As one can imagine, this is very problematic.  After a few weeks of searching for this troublesome if statement, I finally came across it in one of the least expected places! It was not tucked away in the grub configuration file like one would expect, but rather in the slides file. That little file that fetches those fun PowerPoint – like slides to view as one sips their morning cup of coffee waiting for the installer to hurry up and finish. As one can see, various parts of that file are disabled in Reborn OS, evident by the disturbing lack of those useless eye candy presentations that normally accompany the install process. The reason for this is not an oversight, but rather the fact that whenever I re-enable the beautiful slide feature, it just shows the Antergos slides and nothing else (that, or makes the progress bars vanish, leaving the user clueless on how their install is going)! So while the slides have not made a come back yet – although you can expect them to soon – a much more comfortable message now awaits you at the end of your installation. A message that looks more like this:


If this discussion of those slides has peaked your curiosity, you can already view them youself on Youtube. Just saying.

So moving on. After solving this little issue, I thought that it seemed a shame to release a new version of Reborn without any new features or anything exciting. And that’s where the community came in. While the request to include the Linux-Zen kernel as an option in the install process due to it’s blazing fast speeds has been floating around on the Forum ever since Reborn OS came to be, that task is rather labor intensive on the programming side. So that feature was off the list, although not forever. While not added in this release, you can certainly expect it to show up in the next month or so. But moving on. A few other features have been asked for on the forum though, and so I quickly began looking at those. And in the end, one seemed to really stand out from the others – due to the fact that everyone seemed to be clamoring for it. The addition of Variety. Variety is a simple program that automatically fetches new wallpaper backgrounds for your desktop each morning. With it, you can wake up each day to a new desktop experience. Always wanted to see the icecaps, or the dew in the morning (when everyone ought to be sleeping)? Now it’s hassle free. Of course this feature is not forced upon everyone, as this program is certainly useless to many. However, for those of you who like the sound of it, it can now be toggled on in the Selection screen of the Reborn installer, Cnchi.


But there’s still one more feature to go! Along with the addition of Variety, a new option to install useful system maintenance tools for Linux is now available also.  Just toggle this feature on, and you can easily install Timeshift, Crashplan, and Bleachbit onto your system automatically. Whereas Bleachbit is a user-friendly utility to clear disk space and clean your computer, Timeshift and Crashplan keep your data safe. Timeshift backs up your data locally in snapshots so that you can easily revert any destructive changes to your computer to the last taken snapshot, and Crashplan does the same thing, only it also backs your snapshots up to the cloud in the event your system becomes completely unrecoverable. This decision to include the system maintenance option came in part due to Linux Mint’s new Sylvia edition. This new edition on the part of Linux Mint includes Timeshift in all of their default installations, which really caught my attention. As always, the Linux community benefits from each other, and in this case, I can thank our friends over at Mint for bringing the aspect of system maintenance to my attention.


And now for the last thing.  Thanks to a very involved user, Velkerk, Reborn OS now has an official theme to use! The beautiful Halo icon set and the Flatplat-Blue window themes are now the official themes of Reborn OS. But unlike many distributions of Linux, Reborn OS respects the fact that each Desktop Environment is different and unique. With this in mind, I have decided not to set these themes as your default themes upon installation. For instance, the window theme (Flatplat-Blue) is a GTK theme, meaning that it would not go well in the KDE environment, nor in any other non-GTK one. Thus, I have opted to rather include these themes by default, but allow you, the user, the freedom to pick your default theme out for yourself.

And so concludes this summary of the details on this brand new release of Reborn OS. It is my hope that this article offered you some insight into the development of Reborn OS, as well as encouraged you to present your ideas, your visions, your dreams, for what Reborn OS should look like (or include/do away with) in the future. Perhaps your next great idea will be featured in the next release! Just message me on the forum here to present your great idea. I look forward to your new suggestions and feedback, and remember – do not hesitate to give it! The majority of improvements come from users like you speaking up and bringing previously unnoticed things to light. So without further delay, thank you all.

May God bless you on this day,

  • Keegan

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